Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter & a birthday. 2014

This Easter was wonderful. Went to my moms & had family time & then went to my dads for some family time! Kenzie had a blast this year for sure. She actually got to run around and hunt eggs this year.
& of course my Easter selfie! Did not dress up & had some serious morning sickness!
Kenzie loves her Hello Kitty pillow pet light. She just yells "kitty!" & tries to touch the
lights on the wall.
Then Tuesday we all met up & had a surprise birthday party for my mom. She was definitely surprised!
Either I am pregnant or just getting fat! Hahaha. My belly knows to grow, but so far it is sad to say
that my ass did not get the memo! But it will soon enough! [ Ignore the box, Amazon, I love you!]
So guys, how was your Easter holiday!?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Books To Inspire The Wives

We as wives need a little inspiration now & again. We need guidance from the Lord daily to help us through our everyday lives, our everyday struggles & trials. I am sure we all want to better ourselves as humans and certainly as wives. I love when I come across a good read that motivates me to better myself, to strive to be the best wife God wants me to be, & to better my marriage. Not only does it help me, it helps my husband. It helps the whole family. I wanted to share a few good books to do just that. A few of these I have read & a few are on my list to read. If anyone is wanting to know more about a book I have read let me know, I can do a review post on them!
This is the newest book I have downloaded on my Kindle app.
I am about to start reading it today. It is one that I have been
looking forward to reading for a while. I love the Unveiled Wife .
There are great articles on her website as well!
This is a book I own, like a physical copy I can actually hold in my hands!
Crazy I know!
I love this one! I read it a few years back, & if you picked it
up & flipped through the pages, you would see a LOT
of highlighting going on.
Since it has been years since reading I really
need to pick it up & get encouraged again.
I have not read this one yet, though I am truly itching to.
The author of this book is amazing! I love her blog & her books.
She has some great articles on her website. The Time Warped Wife
This I own on my Kindle app, & I have read it.
It has been a few years as well, so it is one
that I need to reread. Also by Darlene The Time Warped Wife
My mom owns this one. She said it is
a must read for sure.
I love Courtney! I stumbled across her Youtube videos & then
her website Women Living Well. Very inspirational.
Want to get inspired this very moment?
Check out her videos. 
I can not wait to get my hands on this book.
I have not heard much about this book, just stumbled across some
thing on Facebook about it.
Lady travels around the world talking with
women that are in HAPPY/HEALTHY marriages.
Seems interesting!
So there you have it. A few books to encourage us wives.
Have you read one or some of these?
How did it help you as a wife & in your marriage?
Do you have another book to recommend?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Kenzie's Easter basket 2014

Okay so it is not Easter yet. But we will not be together as a family on Sunday so we went ahead & let Kenzie have her basket on Thursday. She will be with her dada & his family tonight & Saturday
since I will be working & with me and my family on Sunday since dada works. Working sucks! "/
Anyway, Kenzie LOVED her stuff!
[ Please excuse the Horrible blurry pictures, for some reason my Iphone 5c sucks! ]

She was excited about her big girl panties in the basket! Bubble Guppies, that what she picked out!
I got this lovely Little People set for less that $8! It is originally over $20!
& this little bunny I found on clearance at Target after Christmas.
What are you all doing for Easter & what did you give your kids?
God bless & enjoy family time!